Privacy Policy

In a world that's becoming more invasive and treating people as products, we are standing out by ensuring to not share any bit of information with third parties, even if it implies not using some great services such as Google's analytics tool because they harvest a lot of data about you.
Privacy Policy
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Choice? What Choice?

At Still There, we don't use third party services and provides that collect any kind of personal data about you. That's why, the choices options like the one you find in many websites doesn't even exist in our website. Data you are intending for us to use will stay within our servers.

Privacy by Design

Our service is dealing with very private and sometimes intimate data, that's why, by design, we are very protective of our users data. You will notice that public requests to files saved in our servers (even images) are not accepted and require your interaction while authenticated.

There's no option in our admin dashboard to let any of our employees see your data. There are only minimal information such as name, email and actions left/used that will help us do some basic support for you.

What information do we have about you?

Simply, the information you directly give us, for instance, your email, name, credit card information, contacts you share, phone numbers. All these information are supplied to us through the settings page. We are adding to each field some information to why we need that data. Not providing that data will not affect how you use our website, however, it is better to be as accurate as possible so that our software doesn't make mistakes before triggering the actions.

When you activate the "Require Certificate of Death" option, we will require from at least one of your contacts a Certificate of Death to be sure that you are dead. Once confirmed, we will immediately delete the document from our servers.

Storing your information

After your death, we will trigger the actions you created, as long as there are actions, we will keep the data on our servers. Once all the actions have been triggered, all your data (actions, files, personal information) will be permanently deleted from our servers.

Third Party Sharing

We will not share, sell, lease or rent your information to any third party. Your data is inteded to be for Still There, it will stay within Still There.


We are using the best practices to ensure the best security for you. That's why we use Auth0 for user management, a top class user authentication system whose main business is the security of users. We also lock all your files from public access, no file is pubicly accessible. Your contacts will receive a special link for them to download the file intended for them.

However, despite the best practices we use for security, we cannot guarantee at 100% the safety against attacks. Popular website with best security experts have been hacked in the past. That's why, we encourage you to encrypt sensitive information before sending it to us either by using our encryption tool or by yourself. Learn more about encryption here.
If you are an expert and you found a vulnerability, please contact us, we need your help to keep the website safe and secure.